Why Your Doctor Can't Offer You A Cure... For ANYTHTHING!

When was the last time you went to a family doctor... one that practices general medicine? I bet it's been a while! As a matter of fact, if you check your yellow pages, you'll probably be shocked at how few of them are still working. Nowadays, all the doctors are "specialists"... internal medicine, oncology, neurology, etc.

The disappearance of the general practice or family doctor is a very real problem. Because Doctors currently specialize in ONLY one area of medicine... and know very little about the other specialties. As a result, they aren't trained to view the WHOLE health-picture of a patient.

How this came to be, and what it means to YOU...

Let's talk for just a minute about the 2 opposing health-care philosophies. The "Military" model, versus the "Agricultural" model of health-care.

Back in the 20s and 30s... before the discovery of vaccines and antibiotics, the primary philosophies of medicine and farming were very similar. The farmer went to great lengths to build and maintain the fertility of his soil. Composts were added, crops were rotated, and fields were regularly allowed to lay fallow. The operating theory was... "Healthy soils produce healthy, nutritious foods."

Medicine was practiced much the same way.

It's primary concern was to build and maintain overall health. And when the occasional illness occurred, treat it accordingly. But the primary focus was on PREVENTION... as opposed to "management of symptoms". And the overall health of the patient was the big concern.

The operational theory was...

"Keep the person healthy, and the Immune System will protect them from infection and illness." (Nutrition played a big part in that school of thought..)

But the "Wonder Drugs" changed all that...

In the late 30s and early 40s, vaccine and antibiotics were developed. And many infectious diseases such as polio and small pox were brought under control (temporarily). The age of the "Magic Bullet" was ushered in... It was during this period that medicines' basic operating philosophy changed dramatically.

It went from "Agricultural" (Build the soil.) to "Military (Divide and conquer.)

The military viewpoint divides the body into organs, systems... and symptoms. And treats them separately... as if they were not part of the whole. (In other words... "Divide and Conquer".) From this point, the doctors' began a steady change away from prevention... and to treatment and management of symptoms.

Even their language reflects this attitude...

  • Arthritis is Latin and comes from 2 root words. "Arth" means "joint"... "itis" means "inflammation". Arthritis = inflammation of the joints. (Their primary treatment are drugs to reduce inflammation.)

  • Lupus is Latin for "Wolf" and refers to the changes Lupus brings to the victims' face. (The primary treatment is steroids to reduce or suppress the symptoms.)

  • Diabetes Mellitus comes from the Greek "diabetos"... meaning a siphon, (because in this disease, fluids are not retained by the body). "Mellitus" is Latin, meaning honey. And refers to the sweet urine excreted by the diabetes sufferer. (The primary treatment is to take insulin... with no hope of a cure.)

65 years after its' coming into favor with the medical establishment, this "Military Model" of medicine has produced a whole generation of doctors who can't see the forest for the trees, and who know nothing of prevention. All they know how to do is prescribe more pills.

The philosophy DOES have an important place in medicine..

.It works very well with crisis care... dealing with trauma, infections, and corrective, or life saving surgery. But it's a MISERABLE failure when it comes to dealing with chronic conditions, such as Heart Disease, Cancer, and Auto-immune and Degenerative Diseases.

Why? Because it only knows how to suppress symptoms with drugs. And knows little, if anything, about eliminating the CAUSES of these diseases.

The verdict is in...

It's been 65 years since "Divide and Conquer" became the dominant health care philosophy. That's PLENTY of time for it to produce whatever it's going to produce.

And what has it produced??

In 2003, Americans spent 1.7 TRILLION dollars on health care! And what has 1.7 Trillion bought us? According to the World Health Organization, we're #37 in overall health... and #53 in life expectancy.

  • Cancer strikes 1 in every 3 women,
  • 1 in every 2 of all men.
  • Half of all Americans will suffer a heart attack.
  • Since 1959, Diabetes has risen 700%!
  • Autoimmune disease affects 1 in every 4.

According to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1.6 million elementary school-aged children have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In a national survey, the parents of 7 percent of children 6-11 years of age reported ever being told by a doctor or health professional that their child had ADHD. And according to the Journal of American Medicine, over 148,000 people die each year from a reaction to some prescription drug they've been given by their doctor! (Read "Death By Medicine")

Now that you know how things got this way...

Let me ask you... what do you prefer, drugs that only suppress symptoms and have a long-and-scary list of side effects... or a healthy body and immune system that protects you from disease in the first place? Deep in your heart, you know that your body has amazing powers to heal itself... this knowledge is instinctive to all of us. And you must know that drugs alone are not the answer. Please... take a proactive stance with your health... and educate yourself as concerning ALL your options. At the very least, your quality of life is at stake. And it could mean life itself!

If you're "sick and tired" of being sick... and tired... WE CAN HELP!

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