Health Strategy #7
Gotta Get That Colon Cleaned Out!

Colon Problems: A Disgusting Subject. But So Are The Results If Left Unattended!

Although many of us seem to have accepted poor health as the norm... disease is NOT the bodies' natural state! But poor eating habits, increasing exposure to toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle have created an alarming increase in diseases such as cancer, heart trouble and diabetes; as well as lack of energy, premature aging, poor eyesight, memory loss, skin problems and constipation.

Many symptoms... ONE cause!

Although my next statement sounds like an oversimplification, it's a medical fact: Most of our medical problems have their beginnings in a compromised LOWER digestive tract.

As Dr. Bernard Jensen says, "It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first, before any effective healing can take place."

Colon problems lead to "autointoxification" (self poisoning)

Autointoxification is caused by the gradual buildup of un-eliminated pockets of wastes in the bowel... which means extended and continuous exposure to toxins that would normally be eliminated quickly. This condition leads to disease, parasites, filth, low energy levels... and MUCH worse.

Can you say "dead weight"...

A healthy adult colon weighs about four pounds. An unhealthy one can weigh 20-40 pounds. And few people realize that when poor elimination becomes chronic, the same disgusting substances found in the colon can also wind up in the stomach, duodenum and small intestine. A polluted intestinal tract means polluted blood, poor digestion and low energy.

Overweight and starving... at the same time!

When the intestines are loaded with un-eleminated waste matter, this creates a serious interference with the digestive processes. As a result, the surfaces of the digestive tract (which are designed to absorb the nutrients from food) become covered with a mucus film which the body creates to protect the blood from toxins. And it's a self generating problem... The more harmful the toxins are, the more this mucous film builds up.

The heavier the mucus buildup, the fewer nutrients we can assimilate.

As time passes, this mucous film becomes thicker and harder. Portions of this thick mucus get pushed into pockets called diverticuli as we cram through more and more dead food into the digestive tract in an effort to squeeze some nutritional value out of it. This thick coat of mucus is called "mucoid plaque".

The mucoid plaque protects us from toxins, but at the same time... when it builds past a certain level, it interferes with our ability to absorb nutrients.

A breeding place for parasites...

Because in changes in our diets, from mostly raw fruits and vegetables, to mostly processed foods, the populations of most industrialized countries are now riddled with parasite problems. It's been estimated that 150 million people in America have intestinal parasite infestation. Over 55 million American children have worms.

The problem is growing rapidly, due to a lack of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, and an increased consumption of processed foods of all kinds. Once in the intestinal tract, parasites have easy access to other parts of the body, where they create a myriad of symptoms and diseases.

How diseases get a foothold...

Any buildup of old pockets of waste matter (diverticulitis) produces fermentation, putrefaction, and stagnant pockets of poisons and harmful bacteria. Like I stated earlier, the medical term is "autointoxication". If not eliminated efficiently, these toxins constantly seep into the bloodstream... and eventually settle into the weakest areas of the body.

Unfortunately, the symptoms found elsewhere in the body, (due to the toxic overload in the bowel) are generally what is treated... rather than the cause itself! This is a self-defeating process, as the toxic flow from the bowel will simply find another weak area to break through.

As Dr. Jensen puts it, "Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so on to the organs and tissues."

Which colon-cleanse product do we recommend?

The jury's still out on that one. We're testing several... and that takes time. Some taste OK. And some are really nasty tasting. The best tasting we tried is Colonix, by Dr Natura. (But it's a bit expensive.)

My husband Gary has volunteered to be my guinea pig and try several. If you're on my mailing list, I'll post the results there.

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